The king’s new clothes

Juniper scion grafting for foliage replacement, a project by Mauro Stemberger

Changing the foliage of junipers is becoming more and more common in the bonsai scene. Mauro Stemberger talks about his juniper projects using scions or the so-called approach graft technique. Mostly a finer variety of juniper, like’Itoigawa” is used to improve the quality of the foliage of the tree. Reason is often that the original foliage is very course and will not develop to dense foliage pads. The Japanese juniper variety ‘Itoigawa’ has a very dense foliage which can be easily grafted to the ‘problem’ juniper. In one or two years it can replace the complete old foliage.

A procumbens juniper which is grafted with ‘Itoigawa’ juniper variety
Many small scions are inserted into the live veins of the juniper
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