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Teunis Jan Klein


Positively viral

The spirit of ‘The Trophy’ was not infected by the coronavirus, it may even have made it stronger. An impression of The Trophy, the International Bonsai Show held over the weekend of 29 February/1st of March 2020 in Genk, Belgium. This year’s edition had special guests from all corners of


The cornerstone

As the leaves fall in autumn, it is time to study the branch structure of the tree in detail and begin pruning This article describes the pruning of deciduous tree branches in autumn. I believe pruning deciduous bonsai at this time of year, rather than spring, is a cornerstone to…...

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University of Bonsai

The 13th edition of ‘Bonsai van het Westen’ was held again in the Botanical Garden…

Step by Step

Step by step with Hemlock

Teunis Jan Klein shows us how to create a medium sized bonsai in just a few steps. This time he works on hemlock (Tsuga), a variety less commonly seen as bonsai. 1. Analysis The shrub has grown in the field for approximately 3 years. No pruning or other work has…...

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