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Arco Bonsai ’22

The suiseki display Tenpai and kusamono of the ArcoBonsai event ’22


Show time

Spring is the time that many bonsai shows arrive on the scene. Here are some tips to get your trees prepared. With guidance of Hiroki Miura, Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, learns how to prepare a shohin display step by step. Changing the pot for an exhibition Beniotome is one of…...

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A consistent club

The ‘Midden Nederland‘ Bonsai Association annual show in Leersum NL. They are one of the most active societies in Holland, the show is always a guarantee for high quality bonsai. Fine displays with shohin and mid-sized trees. Maples, larch, junipers and pines and many native varieties. Enjoy the small video

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