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Just drop it

Creating a literati red pine by focusing on the dropping branch

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Pulling the final needle

Learn the basic technique of candle cutting by Master Nobuichi Urushibata Nobuichi Urushibata of Taisho-en, Japan, guides you through the work of candle pinching and needle pulling pines. The basic technique of candle cutting does not change dramatically from tree to tree, so we will look at the basic techniques…...

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Forced to find solutions

The only regret Manuel Germade has is the fact that he did not go to Japan much earlier. A couple of years ago he officially graduated as a bonsai Master and he now finds his way in the West exhibiting and sharing his knowledge. What was your professional education? I


Part-time ‘deshi’

Paolo Nastasi travelled to the land of the rising sun to deepen his knowledge Years ago there was no tradition of going to Japan to improve one’s knowledge. However, times have changed… Taisho-en, run by Masters Nobuichi Urushibata and his son Taiga, was one of the first to give foreign