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Intimidated by its age

François Jeker styles a venerable 500-year-old Buxus ‘When about to style an impressive old Buxus like this, you are so intimidated that you approach it with trembling hands . . . Over the years, though, I have developed three assets in the bonsai field: imagination for the future design of…...

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Little to do

During the growing season there is always something to do, even if the bonsai are of a small size. With the guidance of shohin expert, Hiroki Miura (Miura Baijyu-en, Osaka), the Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, carries out some maintenance work on projects she did last year. Shoot pinching At the…...

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Cold weather care

Needless to say, the weather is not always ideal for bonsai during the cold months. The winter period is very active; however, good protection and aftercare are essential. Eventually, as winter arrives, trees have completed their natural defensive system against the cold of winter – dormancy. Most species of bonsai…...

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Tree guide


You can propagate and create bonsai from cuttings and by grafting, especially with unusual and interesting species.  We are creating a slanting style bonsai with a mountain cherry: Prunus jamasakura SPECIES 1st – 3rd year Grafting February – March Grafting method Planting method Soil mix: Akadama 7 – Kiriyu 3 – charcoal 0.5 June –

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