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The trunk

The second essential element in bonsai is the trunk, or Kokejun. A trunk should taper to the top and it also determines the movement of the tree.


Prickly situation

Jean-Philippe Hoareau (JP) works with the prickly juniper The needle juniper or Juniperus rigida, is a far more rugged tree than the Chinese ‘shimpaku’. Its deadwood is spikier and so is its foliage, too. You can get in a very prickly situation when working with this variety because of its…...

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University of Bonsai

The 13th edition of ‘Bonsai van het Westen’ was held again in the Botanical Garden…


Kanuma crazy

Janine Droste revisits the Mecca of satsuki bonsai If you say Kanuma you at once think of satsuki. Satsuki, or Rhododendron indium, is one of the most popular bonsai varieties cultivated in Japan. Needless to say, it has become a specialty grown mainly in the area of Kanuma, a city…...

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Design Sketch

The ‘wire’ tree

Although it seemed completely wired and styled, this juniper still looks like a wild bush. What it needs is a totally different approach to get it just right. Jan Culek explains. For the possible future design of this juniper, I decided to tilt it to the right side. This new…...

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Slanting style

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