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Pruned by bacteria?

Using beneficial bacteria for stronger, better ramified and disease-free bonsai.

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Tree guide


This is a tree whose beauty is legendary, yet it suffers from some neglect as bonsai. There are many species of larch to choose from and available in Europe are Larix decidua, the European larch; L. kaempferi, syn. L. leptolepis, the Japanese larch and L. Eurolepis, the Dunkeld larch: a


Increase the effectiveness of fertilisation

Why do we fertilise and with what? Where do we place fertiliser and what is the most effective NPK mix available? What other methods can we use? It is not simply a case of placing fertiliser on the soil without thinking. The amount and type of fertiliser, as well as


A solid regime…

Bonsai need water, air and sunlight in order to photosynthesis and grow. The combination of these three elements is enough for a tree to manufacture the sugars and starches it requires from its leaves. Harry Harrington explains how to fertilise your bonsai by taking a no-nonsense attitude, during the growing…...

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