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Pomegranate: The challenge is to create a finished tree starting from scratch

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Punica granatum

Nearly Two Decades in the Life of a Pomegranate HISTORICAL PROFILE LONGEVITY & BEAUTY OF THE POMEGRANATE Many bonsai artists avoid pomegranates because of concerns over the longevity of the tree. Contrary to the beliefs of misinformed bonsai practitioners, pomegranates are long-lived; some specimens at Versailles have survived for two


Bonsai on the red carpet

An impression of the Bonsai-san Show which was held in the weekend of 12 – 13 October 2019, Saulieu, France. Guest of Honour Mauro Stemberger. Demonstrations were held by Bjorn Bjorholm (USA), Jan Culek (CZ) and Mauro Stemberger (IT). The show was held in the fantastic venue in Saulieu, which