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Achieve a natural flow

Master Kimura follows the character of the tree to convert a very raw piece of material into a splendid bonsai.

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It changed my life

Andrei Bessonov followed his dreams by learning bonsai from Kimura As a small town boy Andrei was already much into plants, but a bonsai calendar lead him to becoming an apprentice of the world famous bonsai Master, Masahiko Kimura. What was your training? Just bonsai art. I had just finished…...

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Tree guide

Picea glehnii

How to create a twin trunk style tree with a ‘Yatsubusa’ ezo spruce, Picea glehnii ‘Yatsubusa’. In this series we look at creating bonsai from cuttings, grafting and other methods with interesting and unusual species. With the help of illustrations we will see how to take a piece of material