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European Bonsai-san Show


Don’t follow the others

François Gau is the winner of our 'New Innovative' prize (awarded at the European Bonsai San show, Saulieu, France). He is very creative and has an amazing collection of native bonsai.

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Case History

I have no clue…

When he acquired a Buxus, David Quintana had not a clue where to start More than twenty years have passed since this tree and I first got together. And over the course of these years it has become a symbol of my garden, my school and my work. But things…...

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A shari never shown

European Bonsai-san Show Saulieu (FR) At the 7th edition of the European Bonsai-san Show in Saulieu, Bonsai Focus magazine aimed to look for a bonsai which stands out in style, meaning that the tree itself has to be different from the custom styles you normally see, and not its way


Bonsai on the red carpet

An impression of the Bonsai-san Show which was held in the weekend of 12 – 13 October 2019, Saulieu, France. Guest of Honour Mauro Stemberger. Demonstrations were held by Bjorn Bjorholm (USA), Jan Culek (CZ) and Mauro Stemberger (IT). The show was held in the fantastic venue in Saulieu, which

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