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drum pot


The key branch

The material used here is a Satsuki. It is a twin trunk and there are two apicies, but without a clear and obvious overall direction. The first thing to do will be to determine the front of the tree and work from there.

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Charming chamotte

Discover the diverse styles of Heian Tofukuji We have selected some of the best Tofukuji pots that are highly regarded in the bonsai world. In this selection we will focus on the large to medium-sized pots and those that are crafted, such as painted pots. The rustic appeal of the…...

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A shari never shown

European Bonsai-san Show Saulieu (FR) At the 7th edition of the European Bonsai-san Show in Saulieu, Bonsai Focus magazine aimed to look for a bonsai which stands out in style, meaning that the tree itself has to be different from the custom styles you normally see, and not its way

Step by Step

Yew can do it

A simple yew can be made into a stunning small bonsai in just a few steps. Michael Tran of Minoru bonsai guides you step by step in how to create a bonsai from a yew. Yews are a very robust and a great species for bonsai. Their hard wood makes…...

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