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Just a plastic tray

Working with deciduous trees is always a long-term project which needs some clever thinking, too

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Is this worth spending time ?

Prunus spinosa/blackthorn as bonsai Harry Harrington explores the virtues of the blackthorn with its white flowers contrasting beautifully against its dark black bark Prunus spinosa is a tree species native to the UK and Northern Europe and incredibly desirable for bonsai. Wild blackthorn flowers profusely in March/April each year and


Repot, or not?

When we acquire plants or young tree material, we plant them in pots to let them develop further to allow them to adjust to growing conditions at home. But what do we do when we need to repot outside the dormant period, or if we see that our tree is…...

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Tree guide

Quercus suber

The Sardinian coastline consists of numerous small beaches embeddedin outstretched tongues of land. No wonder this Italian island is so popular among the tourists. But if you can make the effort to travel inland you will soon discover its majestic scenery and breathtaking vegetation. Using two examples, Salvatore Liporace will


Increase the effectiveness of fertilisation

Why do we fertilise and with what? Where do we place fertiliser and what is the most effective NPK mix available? What other methods can we use? It is not simply a case of placing fertiliser on the soil without thinking. The amount and type of fertiliser, as well as


Cold weather care

Needless to say, the weather is not always ideal for bonsai during the cold months. The winter period is very active; however, good protection and aftercare are essential. Eventually, as winter arrives, trees have completed their natural defensive system against the cold of winter – dormancy. Most species of bonsai…...

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