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Case History

Revisiting famous bonsai creations

Articles have long been a way of recording the dramatic transformation of trees, showcasing the skills of professionals and giving an insight into the process of bonsai creation ...

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The trunk

The second essential element in bonsai is the trunk, or Kokejun. A trunk should taper to the top and it also determines the movement of the tree.


Is this too right?

The challenge is to create a finished tree starting from scratch Here’s how to make bonsai with rare, interesting and promising species through the process of taking cuttings. The complete process, from selecting the material to maintenance after taking the cutting, is clearly explained. This time we work with Cryptomeria…...

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Just a simple line up?

Nobuichi Urushibata creates a rock planting with cheap material. Making a group planting on a rock with inexpensive material is the goal here. Bonsai Master, Nobuichi Urushibata, Taisho-en Nursery, has much expertise in growing and applying advanced techniques, such as grafting and air layering. This time he shows us how…...

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Formal upright style

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