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Just imagine

A suiseki, or viewing stone, often seems to resemble a mountain range...

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Informal approach with Ligustrum

How to create bonsai from cuttings, grafting and other methods using interesting and unusual species. This time we are working with privet, Ligustrum.

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Are they twins?

Miura Hiroki (from Miura Baijyu-En nursery) is a specialist in shohin bonsai. Here he improves a double trunk pine that has a hidden quality.

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Make a forest look natural

The late bonsai Master Takeo Katsumata left behind a great number of works that exhibit his trademark natural scenes. He had a unique obsession...

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Can you restyle a Bonsai masterpiece?

Masayuki Fujikawa takes things further by transforming a masterpiece

It is said that a tree displayed at Kokufu has reached a point of completion in a long journey. As the tree grows, finds a new owner, or an artist to care for it, the viewpoint of the tree will gradually change