Five days in Shikoku (2) - A trip of discovery to Shikoku Island, south-east Japan.
Never stop learning - Daniel Butler follows his own pottery path.
Connect to another world - The unique garden of Angel Mota.
Bonsai Island - Bonsai exhibited on a very special location.
‘Weed thing’ - Create a kusamono on a piece of deadwood.
Echo from the mountains - The Azuma pines are grown from the best seed...
Always different - Dan Barton's passion for ceramics
My victory - The bonsai passion of Alfredo Salaccione.
Japanese pottery - Bonsai pot maker from Sweden, Thor Holvila, has become one of Europe’s most well-respected potters...
Tokoname - Thor Holvila travels to the ancient Japanese pottery town...
The Phoenix - Bruno Auvinet was challenged to make his own pot when none fitted his maple.
Born with bonsai - The bonsai passion of Enrique Castaño
Refreshing accents - Summer accent plants that grow near water...
Kid’s play or pot? - A (very) young artist creates unconventional pots that are seriously cool.
Cast in bronze - Saad Khayar's naturalistic and detailed tenpai
Kusamono - Kusamono are not just plants ...
ArcoBonsai ’22 - A video of The ArcoBonsai show.
Paper bonsai - Udo Wollenhaupt is passionate about drawing and sketching bonsai.
Between Art and Nature - The bonsai and ceramic passion of Florent Coirier.
The best pots in town - Celebrating 40 years as the best shohin pot maker.
The beauty of moss - It is a topic often overlooked, but here we look at the moss of Japan
Straight and fine - Kai Sperling just makes pots. As he says himself, he's a potter for bonsai
All the features - Pot choice for a literati style tree.
Everyday a little better - As a young boy Christian acquired his first bonsai, which unfortunately died. This, however, did not stop him.
The Pascal code - Pascal Houdrusse is a carpenter who became fascinated by bonsai and decided to make bonsai tables.
Bonsai Biker - The bonsai passion of Stefan Gmur. What was your professional education? I was educated as a toolmaker in the watch industry and afterwards completed my studies at the Fachhochschule as a graduate engineer and business... […]
The tree and the man - The bonsai passion of Davide Cardin.
Tree in a bubble - A 'Space Colony' created by the artist, Takaaki Murase.
No Ikea pots here! - Roman Husmann does not like making regular pots.
Trial and error - Self-taught, Pavel Slovák, started doing bonsai while still in military service. Through hard work and many misfortunes he managed to create his very own style.
Big in Japan - Contemporary shohin bonsai pot exhibition...
The tongue fern - Ferns as accent plants to exhibit with bonsai
My ‘selfish’ dream - The bonsai passion of Jeremiah Lee
Like going to a gym - Nao Tokutake's passion for bonsai ceramics.
Power Bonsai - A trip to Shanghai’s botanical gardens and the Garden City of Rugao Ofer Grunwald travels to China to be part of the emerging bonsai scene. The invitation of Sae Won Kim, of the Korean Bonsai […]
No machines - Marc Berenbrinker is one hundred percent focussed on hand crafted pots.
Holland-En - A small Japanese garden all self-made by Ramon Smit.
The wild side - The bonsai passion of Marcial Yuste Blasco.
Animated - Giang LS Nguyen learned about bonsai with a Zen monk and this had great influence on his ceramics.
Wearing my signature - The bonsai passion of Jörg Derlien Styling and care for the tree should fit together like a hand in a glove, according to Jörg Derlien I bought a few seeds and pots, but this went […]
Nature can be seen through these stones - Left: Oeyama Ishi | Width: 40 cm Depth: 21 cm Height: 10 cmMiddle: Trident maple | Height: 60 cm Pot: Reihou ovalRight: Seigaku Ishi | Width: 52 cm Depth: 33 cm Height: 18 cm A... […]
Charming chamotte - Discover the diverse styles of Heian Tofukuji We have selected some of the best Tofukuji pots that are highly regarded in the bonsai world. In this selection we will focus on the large to medium-sized... […]
A different way - The bonsai passion of Torben Brenfeldt His first encounter with bonsai was not very positive, but Torben Brenfeldt was determined to master the art — in particular the art of shohin. What was your professional... […]
Why you should visit the Montréal Botanical - A new addition to the Montréal Bonsai Collection – Ryan’s tree in Montréal The Montréal Botanical Garden is recognized as one of the world’s greatest botanical gardens. As well as a variety of gardens it... […]
The shohin geisha’s - The meaning and thought behind the display of shohin, or Seki-kazari Morten Albek takes time to go through some of the shohin displays from the World Bonsai Convention in Japan, held in spring of 2017.... […]
Is he burning pots?? - Peter Krebs, Grand Master of the bonsai pot In the early stages of bonsai in Europe, the pots of Peter Krebs were already in high demand. Throughout his long career as a potter he has... […]
The monk’s stone - Masterpiece stones from Japan As with many things the Chinese scholar rocks influenced the development of the Korean and Japanese stone appreciation. Buddism played a major role in Its over 500 years of well documented... […]
Team game - The bonsai passion of Mario Pavone.
Bonsai espresso - Product designer Shay Cohen is inspired by bonsai pots
The Green Temple - A greenhouse with only saikei forest and rock landscapes Saikai is an interpretation of landscapes in miniature. Master gardener Karl-Härtl and his son Florian create this art form with native shrubs and perennials. At their... […]
Small imperfections - The bonsai passion of Francesco Santini Francesco learned bonsai from an early age. He has a veryoutspoken approach to bonsai and that’s not only about the material side of things What was your training? I’ve... […]
The perfectionist - Self-taught stone sculptor, Jürg Stäheli, aims to find the perfect shape for his pots. How did you get into bonsai pottery?I started bonsai in 1984. I was inspired by an old maple in a classic... […]
My own world - The bonsai passion of Rui Ferreira
Sansui, birds and beasts - Reijaku from Taiwan, is the artist who knows all about Japan’s favourite paintings and creates beauty with her own work. In recent years, the popularity of painted pots has increased. In January 2010, a Taiwanese... […]
It’s a ‘mossy’ world - Moss is essential for bonsai, but you can enjoy it for itself, too If you have a garden where nothing will grow, cultivating moss in pots is the solution. Enter the ‘mossy’ world of Junichi... […]
Not round, nor square - The various shapes and elements of display: Jita Round doesn’t always have to be round and square doesn’t have to be square. Jitas come in a diverse array of shapes, from rigid to organic and... […]
A better me - The bonsai passion of Guido Pozzoli Almost like the Karate Kid, Guido came in contact with bonsai through his ju-jitsu instructor. What was your professional education? I studied engineering, which gave me the right tools... […]
Something in between - Kifu is a less known category in bonsai, it's not a shohin and not a chuhin, but something in between. Germán Goméz talks of his passion for kifu and olives.
Raising the potters’ bar beyond Japan - I’m sure that I am not alone in having shelves of beautiful pots created by some of the best potters outside the boundaries of Japan, as well as a couple from Japan itself. My collection... […]
Post-apocalyptic - The fascinating bonsai world of Laurent Darrieux. Laurent Darrieux has practised bonsai for more than three decades. His work speaks of a unique approach, non-conformist and somewhat rebellious, too. What was your professional education? Like... […]
The showstopper - The bonsai passion of Nik Rozman Nik Rozman has won big prizes at shows with his bonsai, but one of his major achievements so far is winning Best of Show at the recent edition of... […]
Gnarly Legacy - Elandan, a world of rock, wood, and bonsai by Dan Robinson ‘A beautifully groomed tree in the prime of its life doesn’t tell me much of a story. I want my trees to look profoundly... […]
Queen of The Emperor - Marija Hajdic’s passion for bonsai Marija Hajdic impressed both audience and jury at the Trophy 2019 show in Belgium with her majestic hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis), which she calls The Emperor. She works only with trees... […]
A game of sorts - According to María José González pots should balance between function and beauty María José González never thought of making a living from ceramics. When a friend asked her to make some bonsai pots things started... […]
The Kokufu Lady - The bonsai passion of Cindy Verstraeten As one of the lucky few, Cindy Verstraeten managed to get her bonsai (Pinus densiflora) exhibited at the famous Kokufu-ten. Reason enough to ask this bonsai-impassioned woman how it... […]
Young at heart - Yasuo Fukuda is learning pottery skills from his nephew The love of bonsai ceramics runs in the family, since Shigeru Fukuda’s uncle Yasuo Fukuda has proved to be a very talented bonsai potter, too. He... […]
From father to son - The bonsai passion of Lukás Sirotný It was Lukás Sirotný’s father who taught him the basic bonsai skills. While still a student preparing himself for a career as an engineer, his life changed after attending... […]
Let spring arrive - The seasonal beauty of Kusamono and accent plants Kusamono can be enjoyed with or without bonsai. It is a very elegant and leisurely style, combining plants and shrubs to celebrate the season Spring display The... […]
Lost in time - Fujikake Yuzan is a master in hand-painted pots Painting is a passion of Fujikake Yuzan and he gets lost in time while doing so. His refined work is much praised in Japan. Fujikake Yuzan, his... […]
Larger than life - A gallery of trees: Living art of the Pacific Bonsai Museum Celebrating the first-ever publication of the bonsai collection of the Pacific Bonsai Museum, we can show you here one of the bonsai Masters featured […]
Keep it natural - The bonsai passion of Valter Giuliano Hidden in the Piëdmont mountains of Italy, you can find a small bonsai paradise. It’s the work of Valter Giuliano, who likes to keep things natural What is your... […]
The big adventure - The bonsai passion of Olivier Barreau It was in a garden centre and it was love at first sight. Soon after Olivier saw his first bonsai he was collecting trees himself. Following an apprenticeship at […]
Fan of naked trees - The bonsai passion of Sergio Cuan A huge fan of deciduous trees, Sergio Cuan, at first thought that bonsai might be just too difficult to grow. Sergio Cuan Born in: Havana, Cuba Married to: Laura... […]
Hand held - Andrew Sellman travels to Japan to see the shohin at the Gafu-ten Shohin has always fascinated me, there is something magical about being able to hold such an exquisite piece of living art in the... […]
The spaceship - Thor Holvila tells us how his ideas come to life As a professional potter, commissions are a big part of my daily work, but as an artist I also have ideas about pots that I... […]
Non aggressive - Marjan Mirt can be very proud when he sees examples of his pots all over the globe. Slovenian Marjan Mirt is a dedicated bonsai enthusiast. He retired some seven years ago and started creating bonsai... […]
Made together - Made Bonsai Pots – artistic team-work Manon Jamin and partner Edwin Koppers live a life filled by bonsai. Manon makes pottery and Edwin, besides the bonsai, draws the pot designs. How did you get into... […]
True to your Style - A garden filled with forests inspired by Saburo Kato Julio Carretero Álvarez and his wife, Yolanda Peña, fell in love with bonsai in an instant, but decided to approach it in a different way. The... […]
Tuned to the classics - The bonsai passion of Sándor Papp Sándor was born close to the Balaton Lake in Hungary, to a family of restaurateurs. His love for plants began during his childhood. His grandfather worked as a forester... […]
All your senses - Art and bonsai meet in one of Kyoto’s famous temples We visited the wonderful Ryousoku-in, or Kennin-ji, Temple in Kyoto. This is a historic Zen Buddhist temple near Gion. It is considered to be one... […]
Right place, right time - Sami Amdouni’s passion for smaller-sized pots By chance, Sami’s interest for bonsai pottery was sparked while waiting in the car. He now mostly creates pots for shohin with an eye for detail. How did you... […]
It changed my life - Andrei Bessonov followed his dreams by learning bonsai from Kimura As a small town boy Andrei was already much into plants, but a bonsai calendar lead him to becoming an apprentice of the world famous... […]
Lorem Ipsum - …or why sometimes you need to get rid of the tree to see the bonsai Ofer Grunwald does not fear the experiment. With a sculpture created from an image of a bonsai, he examines the... […]
Flower festival - Satsuki-festival in Utsunomiya, Japan If you happen to visit Japan during the period when satsuki are in bloom, you should visit the satsuki festivals. The most well known of these is in Kanuma, but there... […]
Cats Paws - Kusamono is a different type of bonsai With the guidance of Hiroki Miura (Miura Baijyu-en), Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, is introduced to the world of Kusamono. Kusamono is a form of bonsai where a grass... […]
Why sharing? - Sharing was the theme at the 13th edition of the International Bonsai & Suiseki event or, in short, the Crespi Cup. The International bonsai & Suiseki meeting has become one of the most important and... […]
Another world - Hervé Dora, the ‘Best New Style’ winner at Bonsai San Saulieu (FR) 2019 had an education in art and philosophy, which explains his different approach to bonsai. What was your training? I have Beaux-Arts training... […]
Charity bonsai - On the 22, 23 and 24 November 2019, the 3rd Bonsai Charity Exhibition, organized by the Club Amigos del Bonsai de Parla, was held in Parla, Madrid. As you see in the photographs, we exhibited... […]
The garden team - A group of French bonsai enthusiasts teamed up to visit one another’s bonsai gardens The Mitomo Team is a bonsai group that uses the summer period to visit one another’s gardens. It is an opportunity... […]
Hands on - The bonsai passion of Antony Smith Antony was instantly hooked when given a bonsai. All things changed from that moment What was your training? I studied Landscape Technology at the Tshwane University of Technology in... […]
Little show offs - Can orchids be just like bonsai? Growing epiphytic orchids is an art in its own right, especially in Japan.Epiphytes are plants that grow anchored to other plants, they can grow on the trunks of trees,... […]
Little Kokufu - A ‘small’ show with large impact The II UBE Bonsai Exhibition was held at the famous venue of the Royal Site of Aranjuez, near Madrid, on 24 to 26 January last and it was officially […]
Traditionalist? - Sean Smith sticks with the formal style of Japanese art In 1994 Sean Smith took his 25-year passion for bonsai and suiseki, plus his extensive background in carpentry and put all them together to start... […]
My mistakes are torched - The bonsai tables of Doug Mudd ‘The table should reflect the age of the bonsai,’ says perfectionist Doug who works on wood with the knowhow to create the best results. How did it all start?... […]
Little Masterpiece - Things went shohin crazy at the 5th edition of the Shohin Festival The world of shohin returned to Crespi Bonsai in Parabiago, Milan, from 21st to 23rd of February. During the 5th edition of the […]
Positively viral - The spirit of ‘The Trophy’ was not infected by the coronavirus, it may even have made it stronger. An impression of The Trophy, the International Bonsai Show held over the weekend of 29 February/1st of […]
Rush hour - Spring time is rush hour for repotting your bonsai, but choosing the right pot cannot be hurried. Spring arrives and it is the ideal time to repot your bonsai. Mostly it’s necessary, but it is... […]
On the tatami - Bonsai exhibited in traditional Japanese rooms surrounded by mountains and forests puts bonsai in the right perspective. The 10th Genkoukai exhibition is a small-scale show that renders one humble and serene. The Genkoukai is a... […]
Red moods - Diepenbeek, Belgium, the first weekend in November 2019, the triannual show of the Eda Uchi Kai bonsai club initiated by Jean Paul Polmans. Thanks to Mario Komsta who arranged the exceptional displays and high quality […]
A shari never shown - European Bonsai-san Show Saulieu (FR) At the 7th edition of the European Bonsai-san Show in Saulieu, Bonsai Focus magazine aimed to look for a bonsai which stands out in style, meaning that the tree itself […]