Samurai & Bonsai - On the 150th anniversary of the restoration of Imperial rule, bonsai is displayed at the former capital. An outdoor exhibition is quite rare, even when it’s at a scenic site like the Nijo-jo castle, where […]
A large Scots - One of the amazing bonsai from the collection of Mauro Stemberger, the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). A massive tree with such refined branch setting and small needles. Maybe soon on one of the Big Events […]
Peter in Sweden - This year the Swedish Bonsai Society’s annual Bonsai Event took place in the Culture Centre in Västra Frölunda, between 27-28 of May. The society is not very big, comprising about 100 members, but we are […]
The ‘all in one’ show - An unique event at the Folie Fleur Mulhouse, France. Held during October 12 tru 14, 2018. It was a spectacular show were many bonsai events came together in the town of Mulhouse in the north […]
Northwest Rendezvous - The Bonsai Society of Portland and Pacific Northwest Bonsai Clubs Association presented the 2018 Northwest Bonsai Rendezvous this month in Milwaukie, Oregon. The event was a big success! Three days of workshops, critiques, and demonstrations made the time […]
Stones and paint - The Suiseki Art of Mas Nakajima
The emperor of Bonsai - The 21st HWA Bonsai exhibition in Taiwan Farrand Bloch was invited by Sae Won Kim, Korean bonsai promoter in Asia, to attend the big national bonsai show in Taiwan. It was a full programme with […]
That’s no ‘Mame’ - Making Big Pots In Jingdezhen – Zhenshang Ceramics Discover how the giant pots of Jingdezhen are made. Zhenshang is well known for working with International and Chinese artists to manufacture unique custom designed porcelain and […]
Bonsai Namaste -   Three women from India began dreaming about a huge bonsai event with more than 1000 bonsai on display. This dream started more than 8 years ago. February 22-26 2018 it was finally realized. After […]
Bonsai down under - Tony Tickle visits the National Bonsai & Penjing Collection in Canberra, Australia and hopes it will inspire other countries to consider their own collections. If you visit the website Trip Advisor and search ‘Things to do […]
The aim for perfection led José to Japan - José Guerao Navarro’s own pottery didn’t satisfy him and so he went to Japan to become an apprentice at the studio of famous potter Youkizou Nakano who lives in Tokoname. When I started with bonsai, […]
Five days in Shikoku - Patric Bosc, our editor of the French edition of Bonsai Focus, went on a Japanese tour of discovery. Patrick: ‘On the invitation of Mr Kohei Kubota from Anabuki Travel Agency and Mr Takahiro Miyazaki of […]
Rock climbing in a bonsai garden - David Benavente lives his dream with a garden full of bonsai. Hidden in the mountains just a few minutes’ drive from Madrid, David Benavente has his dream bonsai garden. It’s a well laid out garden […]
Never fix a screw into a bonsai - Viet Luan Tran (40) went to Germany in 1979, son of a high ranking army officer at West Point. He and his family had arrived as Vietnam War refugees. ‘I feel neither Vietnamese nor German. What I can say is I wear Vietnamese roots and Germany is my home.’ Bonsai is his passion, his guide for life....
On being a deshi in Shunka-en - A professional gardener, German Valentin Brose’s love of bonsai drew him to Japan to learn more about this fascinating art. So he decided to quit his job and went to work for famous Master, Kunio Kobayashi. He soon found out that life as a student is somewhat different ...
The Bonsai Ballerina - Jennifer Price discovered bonsai 8 years ago after retiring as a professional ballerina. She had the opportunity to study with long-time friend and teacher, Jim Doyle and, through Jim’s influence, went to work with artists […]
The ‘ROOKIE’ potter… - Natural talent, Roy Minarai (USA), has only very recently entered the world of bonsai pottery. Can you tell us, Roy, how you got into bonsai pottery? What got me interested in bonsai to begin with was […]