The ‘all in one’ show

An unique event at the Folie Fleur Mulhouse, France. Held during October 12 tru 14, 2018.

It was a spectacular show were many bonsai events came together in the town of Mulhouse in the north east of France; The BCI (Bonsai Clubs International), the Bonsai Euro Top 30, the French National show and the Folie’Flore flower and garden show. Outside and in tents you could enjoy some of Europe’s top class bonsai set in a very original display arranged with music and light effects. Inside the main building of the Expo park, a more traditional show was set up for the BCI event. In a large tent a big bonsai trade fair was held with many european and international traders. Initiated by bonsai master François Jeker, who worked for almost three years on this big project became a great succes.

Outside at the Folie’flore a large section of bonsai placed on rocks
Pseudocydonia  (Kei Bonsai Kai)
Native and Japanese bonsai presented in front of photos of François Jekers paintings of rocks
A ‘zen garden’
Fagus crenata
Pinus pentaphylla
Overview of the outdoor exhibition
Rock plantings placed in ponds