Peter in Sweden

This year the Swedish Bonsai Society’s annual Bonsai Event took place in the Culture Centre in Västra Frölunda, between 27-28 of May. The society is not very big, comprising about 100 members, but we are dispersed widely around Sweden, which is a large country, so we are divided in four different local clubs (south, west, east and north).

Juniperus rigida, Best in Show
Acer palmatum, best deciduous tree

The event rotates between the four local clubs. In earlier years the event has been held in August/September. This year, for the first time, we, in the West Section, held the event in early summer. Next year the event will take place in Umeå, which is in the beautiful northern part of Sweden.

This time we were honoured to have Peter Warren as the demonstrator. On the first day he used eight different trees to give guidance and comments to the owners in a demonstration workshop. The second day he demonstrated his own aims and methods in working on and changing an Oak tree and a Pine tree. This demonstration was not only projected on to ‘large screen‘ so that the attending audience could  see the demonstration more clearly, but also ‘live-streamed‘ so that members, who could not attend , could join in on the web.

The Culture Centre of Västra Frölunda was an ideal facility, in that it provided natural light as suitable background for the exhibition and improved lightning by spotlights for the trees. Peter Warren concluded with commenting on the preparation and presentation of the items in the exhibition and giving a number of good suggestions for improvement.

We thank Peter for the days he spent sharing with us his excellent craftsmanship and expertise.

Satsuki azalea
Satsuki azalea
Pinus thunbergii
Weigelia cascade
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