Hseih Wen Fu

Mr Hseih Wen Fu has been a Master of juniper bonsai in Taiwan for more than 30 years and is well known in the bonsai community. Only recently has the bonsai business become profitable and he has a large debt to repay. He supplements his income by working on clients’ bonsai, especially carving deadwood. He also does garden tree work. This work gives him financial stability, but his real passion is bonsai, in particular junipers. He tells us with a rueful laugh, ‘nobody makes any money from bonsai!’ as he gazes with love round the nursery at his many trees. Mr Hseih Wen Fu is the supervisor of Bali Bonsai and has been an advisor to the Taiwan Bonsai association and Chairman of the Taipei Bonsai association.

Height: 108 cm Width: 134 cm Created over many years, Mr Fu’s style and talent can be seen here. It has pride of place in his garden.
Height: 100 cm Width: 98 cm A tree with violent movement and twists in the middle section, making it a distinctive image
Height: 80 cm Width: 130 cm
The scale of the tree is impressive. The division of the sections, highlighting the trunk create a wonderful scene
Height: 80 cm Width: 107 cm The incredible movement in the trunk is highlighted by the division of the foliage into two separate blocks

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