The king’s new clothes - Juniper scion grafting for foliage replacement, a project by Mauro Stemberger Changing the foliage of junipers is becoming more and more common in the bonsai scene. Mauro Stemberger talks about his juniper projects using scions […]
Acer buergerianum – Bonsai ‘built’ on a frame - A trident maple, grown by the frame technique
Yama no seishin – The beauty of cherry bonsai - One can find great strength in the depths of winter from the dignified beauty of the white flowers and luxurious fragrance. The beauty of Prunus bonsai is imbued with a sense of wabi. In Japan, […]
Prunus: Create a finished tree starting from scratch - You can propagate and create bonsai from cuttings and by grafting, especially with unusual and interesting species. Here we introduce an illustrated guide from taking a cutting to a finished tree. We are creating a […]
Sowing the seeds - Ginkgo biloba. The challenge is to create a finished tree starting from scratch,