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Top junipers

This is an excerpt from the juniper bonsai exhibited at the 93rd Kokufu-Ten exhibition, which is annually held in the Metropolitan Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Juniperus chinensis Owner: Shigemi Kamimura Height: 76cm | 29,9″ Pot : Kowatari
Juniperus chinensis Owner: Tsutomu Ishiuchi. Height: 74cm | 29″ Pot : Kowatari
Juniperus chinensis, Quercus acuta Owner: Yasushi Yamamoto Height: 43cm | 16,6″ Pot : Tofukuji
Juniperus chinensis, Chaenomeles japonica Owner: Daisuke Masakata Height: 56cm | 22,2″ Pot : kowatari hakudei maru
Juniperus chinensis, Ilex Owner: Daisuke Masakata Height: 32cm | 12,5″ Pot: Tokoname
Juniperus chinensis, Pseudocydonia Owner: Katsuyoshi Hirabayashi
Height: 45cm | 17,7″ Pot: Guangdong Changyun
Juniperus chinensis, Chaenomeles japonica Owner: Shizuyo Nakanishi
Height: 60cm | 23,6″ Pot : Guangdong Changyun
Juniperus chinensis, Styrax japonica Owner: Masaharu Ishizu Height: 46cm | 18,6″ Pot : Kowatari
Juniperus chinensis, Elaeagnus pungens Owner: Tomio Watanabe
Height: 62cm | 24,4″ Pot : Tokoname


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