World Bonsai Convention #3 - World Bonsai Convention #3
World Bonsai Convention #2 - World Bonsai Convention #2
World Bonsai Convention #1 - World Bonsai Convention Saitama-Japan.
Saitama Super Arena – Japan - Saitama Super Arena - Japan
Aki Yamagata - Shohin Ten, Japan
Top junipers - A gallery with some of the finest Japanese juniper bonsai
East meets west - A selection of the Bonsai from the WBC in Saitama, Japan. And a selection of Mauro Stemberger's best bonsai.
Bonsai in autumn - Enjoy the colorful Bonsai in autumn
Is this the Kokufu? - No, It is The Trophy, the largest show in Europe. A gallery of the best trees
Bonsai-San - Gallery - Bonsai-San
Made in Europe - A Gallery of the best bonsai shown during the Italian UBI convention
Aki-Ten - Gallery Aki-Ten
BONSAI SAN - Gallery Bonsai San
living art in the mountains - A Gallery of the best bonsai shown at the Arco Bonsai Show in Italy
Bonsai-San - Gallery Bonsai-San
Floating rocks - Floating rocks and more, a Gallery of the BCI convention held in France
World Bonsai Convention - Gallery WBC 2017 Saitama, Japan
Best of show - The 6th European Bonsai-san Show. A selection of the best bonsai
Trophy-WBC - Gallery Trophy WBC
Charity bonsai - On the 22, 23 and 24 November 2019, the 3rd Bonsai Charity Exhibition, organized by the Club Amigos del Bonsai de Parla, was held in Parla, Madrid. As you see in the photographs, we exhibited […]
Positively viral - The spirit of ‘The Trophy’ was not infected by the coronavirus, it may even have made it stronger. An impression of The Trophy, the International Bonsai Show held over the weekend of 29 February/1st of […]
Hseih Wen Fu - Mr Hseih Wen Fu has been a Master of juniper bonsai in Taiwan for more than 30 years and is well known in the bonsai community. Only recently has the bonsai business become profitable and […]
A myriad of flowers - In May and June you can enjoy the fibrant colours of Satsuki azalea (Rhododendron indicum) blossoming. There is a massive amount of cultivars and therefore a big choice in various colors and pattern of flowers. […]
Keep ideas flowing… - For Walter Venne every bonsai exhibition is like a gallery where an artist can exhibit their work. Through such exhibitions Walter’s pots have found their way into the hands of many bonsai enthusiasts and Masters. […]
Samurai & Bonsai - On the 150th anniversary of the restoration of Imperial rule, bonsai is displayed at the former capital. An outdoor exhibition is quite rare, even when it’s at a scenic site like the Nijo-jo castle, where […]
Taiwan Bonsai -