Little, but wild - Bringing out the best from material with many faults...
Bonsai from Fruit - Propagate by sowing seeds, or taking cuttings to create new bonsai...
No turning back - David Quintana works on a Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
The Azuma pines - Daiki, the third generation Abe, works on seed-grown pines
Metasequoia - The challenge is to create a finished tree starting from scratch.
Out of the box - Harry Harrington works on a very bulky elm that has no tapering. By carving the trunk the problem is solved.
Creating shohin from faulty material - Use dull material to make impressive bonsai helped by grafting techniques. Here we show you how easy it can be. Pyracantha is in the Rosaceae family in the subset that contains Crataegus. It provides bright... […]
A solid foundation - The creation of branches on deciduous trees does not happen overnight, it is a long-term process ...
Walk the wire - Learn professional techniques: wiring a juniper
Greek Olives - Jan Culek sketches options for Reginald Jooren's olive.
Rock Classics - Masahiko Kimura's famous rock plantings.
See it from a different angle - Creating the moyogi style from a field-grown satsuki with Masaki Yoshii
Would you dare? - Chojubai, the dwarf variety of the Japanese quince, is cut in half.
Forbidden fruit - The challenge to grow bonsai from scratch: Ficus
Any restrictions? - Planting a tree on a rock gives you plenty of creative freedom.