Best of enemies? - Why plants don´t like to grow in pots Jens Lindworsky: ‘Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, never enough space and no ground water to be found. If you want roots to flourish in such an […]
Cherry on the rocks - The challenge is to create a finished tree starting from scratch Prunus lannesiana How to create bonsai from cuttings, grafting and other methods withinteresting and unusual species. With the help of illustrations we will see […]
Worth working on? - There is almost no material that is completely useless David Soto: ‘My students, often try to mimic the work of great masters. It’s only natural, and if you don’t own one of those very high […]
Can it be opened ? - Untangling the dense foliage canopy of a sabina juniper Valentin Brose, former apprentice of Kunio Kobayashi, is a refined artist. The sabina juniper has such a dense canopy that all is hidden away from the […]
Lost & Found - Making the most of a bad pine Masayuki Fujikawa brings out the hidden character of a white pine (Pinus parviflora) Looking at the four photos below, there is nothing of note that one feels makes […]
Don’t hide - The hollow trunk of a Satsuki is made to be a feature rather than hidden Takahiro Yamazaki (Yamazaki Satsuki-en, Nasushiobara City) works on a damaged, but characteristic azalea. The material, a Satsuki azalea that Takahiro […]
Is crataegus ideal for shohin? - Harumi Ishii (Ueharu-En) will guide you through the techniques of creating shohin from hawthorn Material 1: Japanese hawthorn (large tree) All the branches are focused in the top section of the tree and there are […]
French curves - With almost two branches only, Mauro Stembergercreates one of his best pines Mauro Stemberger’s very full agenda allowed just a tiny opening to work on one of his favourite trees, so he teamed up with […]
Show time - Spring is the time that many bonsai shows arrive on the scene. Here are some tips to get your trees prepared With guidance of Hiroki Miura, Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, learns how toprepare a shohin […]
Little Masterpiece - Things went shohin crazy at the 5th edition of the Shohin Festival. The world of shohin returned to Crespi Bonsai in Parabiago, Milan, from 21st to 23rd of February. During the 5th edition of the […]
Wild from the garden - Garden material can be an interesting source for bonsai. It can also be very challenging because it was not really grown for the purpose. Bruno Wijman checks out a garden yew. The yew (Taxus baccata) […]
Power lifting - Bonsai material so large it needs to be lifted by crane, yet that doesn’t mean it has no character. The deadwood and trunk have superb movement and the skeleton of the branch structure has had […]
Let’s wire! - We all know that wiring is essential, so you had better learn to love it if you want great results. Let’s make wiring enjoyable! We will look at wiring with aluminium wire for the benefit […]
Did it snap? - Enrico Savini twists, bends and turns a sabina into a graceful cascade Enrico’s garden, close to Bologna, Italy, is where he meticulously works on all kinds of ingenious techniques. With these techniques his trees are […]
Prisoner of time - The development of a special tree, a Buxus sempervirens. According to Marco Giannini trees develop into bonsai via a careful balance of technique and time. Respect for the original habitat where the tree once lived […]