Between the buds - Using graft techniques to improve the quality of trees
Top priority - Hiroki Miura solves the problem of a Japanese white pine that has no apex, but has instead a long extended branch, or is it a trunk?
The Grim - Bruno Proietti Tocca philosophises about his work on a savin juniper
‘Wood’ scape-Take a look at this’Rock’ planting with a difference - A walk through the forest was the inspiration for Armando Dal Col to make this unconventional ..
Hinoki from scratch - You can propagate and create bonsai from seed, cuttings and by grafting
Broken sails - Masahiko Kimura restores a very old juniper
Burst into life – The beauty of fresh leaves and flowers in spring - Here is an impression of the annual spring Shunga-ten, held in Osaka, Japan in the Hanahaku-kinen Park and organised by the Shohin Bonsai Association..
The graceful fir - The graceful fir is an excellent choice for bonsai.
A Pine Puzzle - Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, is one of the most popular pine varieties and one of the most commonly styled tree.
Spokes of a Wheel - Jean-Philippe Hoareau sketches options for Marnix Bomon's pine.
Air and light - Andrea Meriggioli shows you how to thin and prune the leaves of Acer palmatum
Father and Son - The Sanriku junipers: Father and Son Omachi work on yamadori trees
Bonsai in disguise - Under the guidance of Hiroki Miura, the Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, creates the impression of a willow bonsai by using a different species.
‘Weed thing’ - Create a kusamono on a piece of deadwood.
Well suited - François Jeker takes a close look at Taxus.