Foil, the key to success - The technique of bending using aluminium foil.
Dead or alive? - A mind boggling creation,
Queen of pines - With the guidance of shohin expert, Hiroki Miura (Miura Baijyu-en, Osaka) the Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, learns how to create moyogi style with a pine.
Split in three - Considering the front, planting angle and every different orientation of material is part of the deep fascination of transforming a bonsai.
Are they mother and daughter? - François Jeker's opinion on Peter Kwakernaat's juniper.
The rough type - The arakawa maple is one of the most popular trees in the bonsai world. Andrea Meriggioli shows why.
Will that kill it? - The ultimate root correction work of Masahiko Kimura
Planted on a plastic tray? - Peter Warren continues with the second major stage of the maple he planted on a plastic tray.
Just a plastic tray - Working with deciduous trees is always a long-term project which needs some clever thinking, too
Looking for simplicity - François Jeker takes a look at Jos Sprengers' Buxus.
What’s happening here? - A different approach to air layering with a 'rough edge'
cut in two? - Chiharu Imai deals with a dull bonsai and creates something special
Out of the box - The pine called 'Okou no kyosho' is brought back into shape by Master Kunio Kobayashi
The sleeping tree - How to create bonsai from cuttings, grafting and other methods using interesting and unusual species.
Touched by Leonardo - Father and son 'work' together to create a new future for a juniper.