Mind the gap! - The problem of poor roots on a pine can be solved Can you improve the root base of a pine, just as you can with deciduous trees? A good question, so it seems a good […]
Bad reputation? - François Jeker has created many outstanding Buxus bonsai by pioneering with this variety Boxwood, also known as box, has a reputation for growing very slowly. However, if we know the right techniques, its branches can […]
What can you do with it? - Thierry Claude works on an impossible pine Despite the many doubts of his friends, Thierry Claude persisted with his plan to create a real show stopper from a seemingly worthless pine. Ultimately, all his effort […]
Anti-clockwise - Harry Harrington reworks a Japanese yew with superb fluting. An elegant 88 cm Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata) was bought to my garden by its owner in June 2020, explains Harry. My task was to style […]
Two Masters, one pine - Marco Invernizzi reworks a very old mugo pine, which has a story to tell. Marco Invernizzi fell in love with the remarkable shapes of this Italian mugo pine (Pinus mugo). Although already touched by another […]
A distinctive taste - Making the best out of defective material Hiroki Miura (Miura Baikyu-en, Osaka) shows how to improve material that is defective. Two trees are thoroughly analysed and new possibilities are discovered. Hiroki then applies the correct […]
Don’t carve, but sculpt - Learn how to create natural deadwood with the methods of Andrés Bicocca The difficulty that a defect poses for some is, for me, an infinite possibility of creation. Many times it is used to cover […]
The Quebecan pearl - The story of Linda’s favourite bonsai from the wild – both good and sad. Living in the Canadian city of Laval, Quebec, Linda Chicoine often goes on hiking tours to see if there is a […]
Pimped juniper - A dull juniper is matched with a rock full of character A rather dull juniper can become very striking when a rock with lots of character is added, Nishikawa Tomoya (Shirasagi-en, Himeji) shows how that […]
Cats Paws - Kusamono is a different type of bonsai With the guidance of Hiroki Miura (Miura Baijyu-en), Japanese popstar, Ayaka Yamamoto, is introduced to the world of Kusamono. Kusamono is a form of bonsai where a grass […]
Chronicle of a Mop Top - Martin Nielsen tells his story of the broom style The broom style or whatever you would like to call it – maybe ‘Hokidachi’, as the Japanese say, even ‘mop top’. It is up to you […]
Is it natural? (2) - Harry Harrington’s helps you to create and use deadwood features on deciduous and broadleaf bonsai As discussed in part one my favoured approach to creating deciduous and broadleaf deadwood is one originally pioneered by UK […]
Sweat and tears - Ryan Neil vs huge garden tree This bulky juniper (Juniperus chinensis) was originally meant to end up in a Japanese garden. Could it be made into a bonsai? Its massive proportions indicated that it would […]
Nobody knew - This deep relationship between artist and juniper spans over 20 years The Nippon Bonsai Saku-futen is a special exhibition that allows professional bonsai artists to display their skill and personal style. At the judging this […]
Acer deshojo - Simple adjustments can make a big difference Kenichi Suzuki (Onari-en) is very much into shohin-size bonsai. With simple material he demonstrates how you can change the design by adjusting the planting angle, or the pot. […]