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Miniature stones that stir evocative images of a mountain chain

A suiseki, or viewing stone, often seems to resemble a mountain range in miniature, you only have to use your imagination. Its similarity to a rocky cliff, or distant mountain view is amazing. Enjoy this small selection of stones. Suiseki can simply stand in display individually or together with a bonsai

Sado-Akadama Ishi 'Kyo no Yama'. Width: 20 cm Depth: 8 cm Height 11cm

There is a profound depth to this elegant stone, which feels as though it is hiding a great number of mountains within it.

Kurama Ishi 'Sunset over Mount Hiei'. Width: 54 cm Depth: 21 cm Height: 12.5cm

The stone has a deep sense of mochi-komi, age and patina in the surface. It brings to mind Mount Hiei in the deep mid-winter.

Ibigawa Ishi 'Yamato Early Spring'. Width: 55 cm Depth: 21.5 cm Height: 7 cm

Beautifully captured with the scroll ‘Snow, Moon and Flowers’. The light purple colour of the stone, dotted with snowy valleys resembles a mountain waiting with anticipation in the early spring.

Lingbi stone. Width: 21 cm Depth: 12 cm Height: 13 cm

This masterfully crafted daiza appears as though a raft on which the passenger is headed towards Japan. An important image in the cross cultural history of China and Japan.

Setagawa Tora Ishi Width: 50 cm Depth: 24 cm Height: 18 cm

The tiger stripe pattern creates the image of a mountain ridge, illuminated by the cold winter moonlight, as shadows play across this superb stone

Sajigawa Ishi ' The Pleasure of Listening to Waves and Viewing the Moon'. Width: 48 cm Depth: 27 cm Height: 8 cm

Just imagine a rocky island, illuminated by the moon as you hear the sounds of large waves crashing against the rocks.

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A suiseki, or viewing stone, often seems to resemble a mountain range in miniature. Its

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