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Kickstarter Bonsai book

Pacific Bonsai Museum launches a kickstarter book

We are excited to announce that we launched our Kickstarter to publish our first-ever book about our collection: A Gallery of Trees: Living Art of Pacific Bonsai Museum. 200 pages, hardcover, exquisitely designed by Will Hays–you’ve never seen a bonsai book like this before. You can see how 30 years of meticulous care and bold design have produced 30 featured bonsai that honor tradition and evolve the art. In this book, you can view extensive archival photos and read curatorial notes and insights.

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Bonsai: shore pine.
Deck: Surroundings by Tehya Sullivan, oil on wood. Kusamono: Unknown native on lava
Bonsai: Korean yew
Deck: Hovering over rough waters, by John Osgood, acrylic & aerosol on wood
Kusamono: Coral bells on lava
Bonsai: Japanese white pine
Deck: Capitol/Industrial, by Wakuda, Spray paint, stencil
Kusamono: Harebells in the tuna can

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