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An impression of the Bonsai-san Show which was held in the weekend of 12 – 13 October 2019, Saulieu, France. Guest of Honour Mauro Stemberger. Demonstrations were held by Bjorn Bjorholm (USA), Jan Culek (CZ) and Mauro Stemberger (IT). The show was held in the fantastic venue in Saulieu, which showed the trees placed against black backdrops and well lit thanks to the day light coming from the ceiling, which made it able to admire all the refined details of each individual bonsai. The level was of top quality again. The video gives an impression of the atmosphere and setting. Below the winning trees of this year’s edition.

Best of show: Juniperus chinensis Itoigawa by Luis Balino
Best of show: Pinus sylvestris by Xavier Massanet.
Best of show: Punica granatum by Warren Radfort.
Best of show: Shohin by Bob van Ruitenbeek.

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