A consistent club

The ‘Midden Nederland‘ Bonsai Association annual show in Leersum NL. They are one of the most active societies in Holland, the show is always a guarantee for high quality bonsai. Fine displays with shohin and mid-sized trees. Maples, larch, junipers and pines and many native varieties. Enjoy the small video and photo impression.

Midsize cascade pine (Pinus parviflora)
Overview of the show, with tokonoma
A shohin display with Lonicera nitida
Detail shot of the Lonicera
Tokonoma display of shohin
Detail of a shohin display: Japanese white pine: Pinus parviflora zuisho
Shohin display with crane birds (Tenpai)
Cascade of a Chamaecyparis
Pinus parviflora moyogi style
Yamadori Quercus planted in a pot by Ruben Bouwmeester

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