Utah Juniper


Utah Juniper (aka “Big Sexy”)

Now that I have settled back in California, it’s time to rebuild my Bonsai collection!  For the past 6 months, I have been slowly rebuilding the Bonsai business I left behind and have worked with many terrific people.  I have study groups that have formed throughout California and even in other States!  You can say that I’m living the Bonsai dream!  I hope to play my part in helping the promotion of bonsai in the United States and get good information out there to those that want it.  My other goal is also to build a quality bonsai collection for myself and not just enjoy the final development of the trees, but the journey as well.

That brings us to the tree that you see below, known by some (mainly the collectors) as, “Big Sexy.”  There is no doubt that this tree is big, though I didn’t buy it just for the size.  The tree has some very interesting characteristics and I saw it as a long-term project for myself.  This post will be the first of many where I will document the development of this collected Utah Juniper and the journey (techniques) it will undergo to produce a (hopefully) great Bonsai piece.  Here are a few pictures that highlights the interesting trunk.

Renato Zonzini demo on Pine.JPGThis is what the tree looked like when I first saw it.  It’s planted in a huge 5 foot long (152 cm) box.  The soil medium used is 100 percent pumice.  The tree was collected in California, though the foliage told me that it was more similar to Utah Juniper than California Juniper.  California juniper foliage is normally not this dense or soft.