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January 7, 2021

You can’t own it

The Gafu-ten exhibition brings together those who love these tiny bonsai Every year in January it is time for the major shohin exhibition in Japan, the Gafu-ten. Shohin lovers from all over the country and beyond, gather in the large halls of the Miyako Messe in Kyoto. Here the best…...

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Western Australia, a diverse landscape with unique bonsai flora For many years the iconic trees native to Australia were not considered suitable for bonsai, but over time with increased knowledge, understanding, research and a bit of trial and error, several unique Australian species are increasingly being sought after as bonsai

The big adventure

The bonsai passion of Olivier Barreau It was in a garden centre and it was love at first sight. Soon after Olivier saw his first bonsai he was collecting trees himself. Following an apprenticeship at Salvatore Liporace’s bonsai studio in Milan, his bonsai adventure took wings What was your training?